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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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around the building and finding something new. the embellishment, the carvings, it represents commerce, navigation, all of the things that san francisco is famous for. >> the wood you see in the board of supervisor's chambers is oak and all hand carved on site. interesting thing about the oak is there isn't anymore in the entire world. the floors in china was cleard and never replanted. if you look up at the seceiling you would believe that's hand
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kof carved out of wood and it is a cast plaster sealing and the only spanish design in an arts building. there are no records about how many people worked on this building. the workman who worked on this building did not all speak the same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today. >> the san francisco entertainment commission and the first item is public comment. if anybody wants to discuss items of interest. >> call the roll.
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>> oh, cal the roll. goit it. are we on? ok. ok. so we're doing roll call. commissioner joseph? joe joe here. >> commissioner meko? commissioner meko: here. >> commissioner roja is absent and commissioner benneti are eblings cused absences. >> that are within the subject manner jurisdiction of the commission. members of the public may address the commission at the time of three minutes at the time such item the called. any public comment? no. seeing none. president newline: we're going to skip -- president newlin: i
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just want to make an announcement. i have a feeling that the majority of people are here for item number four with the proposed adoption rules related to the entertainment permit and one-time per emmit. i have received a call just a short time ago from the mayor. and he asked me to continue this item. and he wants to get closely involved in this. and see what's going on before we go forward with this item. so that is going to be what we're going to do. i will put this item at the end of today's calendar if people want to make public comment at this time. you're certainly welcome to stay and do that but i wanted to inform you that we'll have a follow-up meeting after the mayor has -- there will be an opportunity to come back another time. it's totally up to you. you can stay and give public comment and you can come back and give public comment at
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another time. having said that, i'm going to go do the action items for the people here are for -- items. oh and you did put that on the consent calendar. very good. i have made a suggestion to jocelyn that in the future that when we're dealing with permits for mechanical devices and pool tables that we put it on the consent calendar. we put it on the consent calendar so that if members of the public, the commission want to address the issue, they still may and we'll pull it off the consent calendar but if nobody has any issues on it, we can expeditiously move through the agenda. having said that, -- >> do we need to make a motion to move to item six? president newlin: yeah, we're
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on item six. >> you can just do that. i need to basically pull something off of consent that requires a motion to continue. and that would be item b. president newlin: ok. >> so staff is requesting until we can continue based on concerns from planning department. president newlin: oh, ok. >> i'd like to move to continue. are >> and i second. >> i can do -- well, i need do a roll call once and then i can do it. commissioner joseph? joe joe aye. commissioner meko? commissioner meko: eye. >> commissioner commissioner perez: aye. >> and that's the consent. does anybody from the public tor commission wish to discuss the mechanical advice petition
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from 77 cambot avenue? seeing none, i recommend approval. >> i would like to move to approve. >> ok. >> second. thank you very much. >> regular calendar item 6-c. d.b.a. beat box 31411th street. place of entertainment. >> i got you. >> ok. commissioners this application was submitted in mid september of 2010. it's called beat box previously permitted multiple times. you might recall as studio z and fat city and siberia. the current applicant is requesting permits to operation seven days a week until 4:00 a.m. thursday through saturday. as you can see this is a place of entertainment and an
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ex-tened hours permit. it indicates that the venue will present both d.j.'s and live music. there's a liquor license. the capacity of the venue is 299. planning has indicated this is the continuation of an existing use. the police department has recommended of 18 conditions and they should be behind this memo for your discussion. the applicant has received a copy of those conditions and i believe southern station is here in case you have any questions. so staff is recommending additional -- at this time. >> come on up. good evening. >> good evening. >> who are you? >> state your name.
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>> i am here on behalf of the corporation beat box, incorporate rated to apply for a place of entertainment permit and also an extended hours permit. we have -- me and my team and general manager pete hudson are here representing as well. and we are here to present to you the concept of a venue that we've been working on for the better part of a year which is basically the restoration of a venue that has been through much -- many ups and downs over the years and i think the commission is quite familiar with it. and we have spent as i say the
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better part of the last year refurbishing the facility, also working on obtaining a liquor license which just recently has been signed off and is in the final process of approval. and -- and we are nearing completion of the renovations. so i've been working closely with jocelyn over the last couple of months to put together the application and we've done quite a bit of work to bring the building up to code and compliance. and i think -- help me out with questions that i can answer. what would you like to know, sort of the business plan or -- >> yes. commissioner meko. commissioner meko: hi, how are you doing? >> pretty good. commissioner meko: we met last fall and my advice to spare us any power point presentation
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about your vision for the place and just get right to the subject that everybody's interested in is soundproofing of the place. i remind everybody this is probably the very first venue that came before this commission, the first day we were in existence because of complaints during public comment that the building could not contain their sound. and we had the original owner who claimed that if he could just get a chance to operate long enough to make enough money he would soundproof the placed a "ly and stop all the neighbor's complaints. now we're about four or five venues past that. and the last management stripped the place bare, took out all the soundproofing and left you with a big, empty warehouse and what have you done? >> certainly.
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can i -- can i hand this up to you to take a quick look at? so you are almost correct that the -- that the building was stripped bare. there is still soundproofing -- big soundproofing pan panells that are on the rear wall of the facility. they need to be recovered and we're working on recovering them so they look nice but they essentially function. since the time we talked to you we've done quite a lot meeting with sound engineers and people who have experience -- in fact, we meet about a week and a half ago with a sound-proofing company asking them to come in and make some recommendations on material and different options that we have. so you'll notice, first of all about a month and a half ago,
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we actually brought a full sound system in which is about the size of the sound system that we intend to bring into the beat box. and we use a decibel meter to walk around the building, on the street, across the street. you can see all the different places that we went on the roof. we took a measurement on the roof. and what we discovered, i think as everybody in the neighborhood has discovered is -- it's the base. it's the roof and it's the low-frequency sound waves that are the largest problem. essentially what happens in the building is it's not so much the hole, the skylights or even the front doors, the base basically turns the entire building into a vibrating sub woofer. i mean, really that's what happened. and so we have -- we think that it's going to be relatively easy to contain the high
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frequencies. the real question is what do we do about the bass? and so we have -- we actually have a sound system in there that we brought in just this week to continue doing testing and so at the minimum what we are looking at is moving the speakers around and adjusting them so they don't face the exists. they don't face the obvious areas where sound can escape. that's the minimum that we're doing. we did another round of sound measurement today. we have -- we have a -- a general contractor who's working with us on gasketing the entire front door so the -- the restored front door that we have opened up and taken down the plywood in front of, we're installing rubber gasketing around. and then we also spoke with a sound engineer to find out how we can best seal that front
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entrance. he actually suggested building a second wall immediately in front of the doors that leafs about a six-inch air gap. our intention is to have a six-inch seal in between the doors and that movable wall. so this will help -- this will definitely help to dampen the frequencies escaping through the front doors of the building. go ahead. commissioner meko: let me just interrupt for a minute here. you have been meeting and talking with our staff frequently through all of this. and they have explained to you that the sign-off from our sound tech is going to be predicated on all of this soundproofing being completed. >> absolutely. commissioner meko: ok because he's not just going to sign on your promise that you're going to do these things -- >> it's been done before. commissioner meko: anything you
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want to add to that -- this? >> not at this time, commissioner. but we have been in contact with the apply can't and we're waiting until their soundproofing and their testing and their alignment and equalizing the sound system and the space is completed. and at that time there will be a sound test. commissioner meko: but you have not been in there. you have not done any testing. this time you're going to do testing in residences -- >> that would be the best plan. weapon can't do anything until the space is actually fullly complete. >> we also have done a bit of limited outreach to the local neighbors. things have started ramping up significantly recently. so we reached out again to local neighbors. emory is in the audience this evening as well as george -- >> you need to face the mic.
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>> emory is here and george mill whore lives across the street about three or four floors up. we asked both emory and george as we go about this testing, might it be possible that we could actually go into their apartments with our sound meters and do decibel readings in those residents. commissioner meko: i'd like to compliment you on the amount of outreach that you've done. this is good. but again it's got to pass the sound test before you can get your permit. >> ok. commissioner joseph? joe joe -- vice chair joseph: on the throor's that your gasketing are they going to be your entrance? >> no. there were doors to bring in automobiles when it was a transmission shop. they're largely decorative now. but for bringing large
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equipment in there, we needed to get a large enough entry so that we could bring the speakers and things like that. vice chair joseph: they're not going to be used for people? >> they are not. vice chair joseph: so if you're worried about the bass and the size of your room, why do you have eight -- double entry with them? >> these were the specific -- was the specific system. we have a sound system that we believe will be equivalent for what it is that we're going to use. vice chair joseph: the documentation you give us is the documentation we work off of. and according to this, you have eight boxes with each one having a double 18 in them.
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it's a lot of bass, baby. >> it's too much bass. vice chair joseph: and you're going to move the speakers around in order to figure out how to get the bass lower. has anyone lowered to take out some of the bass frequencies on your bass equalizer? >> yes. we're working with -- i mean, we have a couple of sound engineers that we're working with. he owes the sound system that we have in there today. and he has -- vice chair joseph: you have to look at the mic. >> sorry. if you'd like we can bring him up. vice chair joseph: no, all i need you to do is give us the correct information. this is not your sound specks and these pieces of papers in your application are irrelevant -- >> ok. vice chair joseph: to me. next question.
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on this security plan, what you've done is you've given me a permit, patrol officer permit and some insurance paperwork but where's your security plan? >> the intent for the security plan is essentially to outsource the security and this is important to us -- vice chair joseph: but for the purpose of this application you must submit a security plan. all you submitted was some guy's permit to have a security company. that -- this application is incomplete. i don't think that we can vote on it because it is incomplete. it's missing stuff like the security plan. so you know, if i was you, i would ask for a continuance so that you could get a completed
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application to us because not having inadequate security plans is grounds for denial. >> so could i ask you specifically what information it is that you're looking for -- vice chair joseph: no, you can't because i can't tell you how to do your security plan. >> you know what you could do is get together with ms. cain and show you security plans that have been submitted in other applications. what commissioner joseph is correctly stating is we need to know the nuts and boths. we need to know their positioning. how you're going to have communication and stuff like that. if it's being accomplished by a private contractor that's fine. question just need to know all the knew answers. vice chair joseph: right. it's in-- -- incomplete. i couldn't vote for it because
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it doesn't have all of the stuff. >> so ifilled out the section on security. but i will definitely write a -- write up a security plan. we know that the -- the venue itself has a capacity of 299 people and that city requires by law at least one security officer per 100 people. so our intent is to always have a minimum of three security people, plus one additional and -- and they will be posted -- vice chair joseph: but it has to be in your application. you can't stand there and just tell me about it. you say you have exo exits. please submit a floor plan. you di outside -- this is really not a security plan. will you be using outside security? there's no real plan here. i would like to see a real security plan.
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you know -- if you think this -- i mean -- >> based on the occupancy, you require one security person per 100. the venue has two exits. i supplied the layout. we will not be doing the security in-house. in fact, we've met with two security companies. i've spoken with yo-jimo. i've spoken with shaw. so from the training perspective all of that will be handled and managed by a security company as per question seven and then additional information requires that you security your facility 50 feet. secures will be maintained at all points of entry. both entrances will be
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monitors. bag checks at all time, standard security measures to be enforced by the outside current company. access will be restricted after 1:45 to customers already in the club. the plan to control lines of crowds is standard polls an ropes. both exits on 11th street for rapid dispersement. vice chair joseph: ok. i got it. i just have one other question. so request dk you tell me of your managers in your club, how many of you people have had a nightclub with a liquor license? >> the general manager, pete hudson has. vice chair joseph: ok. all right. thank you. >> are you satisfied with the security -- >> ok. any other, commissioners >> hello. thank you for being here. why is it necessary to have an extended hours permit for your business? >> we're interested -- sorry. we're interested in offering
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our patrons not patrons who are coming in after hours looking for an afterhours party. but we are looking for the option to offer patron who is come in earlier for laettner the evening as the case may be the option to stay and continue after the 2:00 p.m. after we stop serving alcoholic beverages at 2:00 p.m. we've spoken with jocelyn about this. we're not looking to be an afterhours club per se. we're not looking to be the place that people come to whenever other club shuts down. what we're really looking for is to be a space where people can come and know that they can enjoy a full evening and stay a bit later than they might be able to otherwise. so this limits the -- this limits the people who are --
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who are coming there laettner the evening who may be -- later in the evening who may be intoxicated and ready to go. but it extends it for the patrons who are already there. commissioner meko: did you notice that regarding extended r of questions and points of consideration that we wanted to bring up regarding the conditions that are on here. commissioner meko: to your knowledge, with the past establishment, did they have extended hours for friday and saturday? >> i do not think so, and we are not intending to be there.
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commissioner meko: if i could ask that of staff. joslyn, are you aware of the extended hours that be permitted before? -- that we permit it before? >> -- permitted before? >> i am not 100% sure about how often they have used it. but there is always been an extended hours. commissioner meko: the reason i asked, if you do this downwards, you are establishing precedents for yourself and any future operations -- you are establishing a precedent. it cannot be intensified in the future so if it has been for two nights a week in the past, you
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should have the permission. if that was the case with the last permit, you were stuck with that. >> if i could mention one of a thing, particularly to al's question? one of the advantages to having extended hours is that you do not want them all emptying and at 11:00. i think it creates a nuisance for the police, security, and for drivers, if anybody was driving. it is much better to have a limited exodus, and the other nice thing to have people stay in the club during those two hours that we do not serve alcohol is that people will drink water. we thought of having smoothies and fresh coconut milk, coconut water, so we are actually doing
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a real public service by sobering up our clientele and keeping the american so everyone leaves with a much nicer and, method. commissioner meko: if you were to read all of the conditions and got to condition no. 9, it would seem that you could continue to sell a call until 3:45 in the morning. >> i do not think that would happen. commissioner meko: in which case, the abc would clamp down on you real hard. if i could just briefly finish my point with the permit officer -- i am sorry. >> officer kevin edison.
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>> these came through it 1:00 this afternoon. i do not know. did you have time to sit down with our staff and talk through any of these? >> no. i reviewed this with the captain, and they were kind of based on some older soundproofing that was corrected, and granted, i think that one was in error. commissioner meko: there are 18 conditions, and there is an overlap, which is not a bad thing, but if there is going to be a continuance, so many permits that will be coming before you, that you sit down with


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